Meet Our Associate Pastor

Elder Melvin Boone

Melvin L. Boone, Sr. is the Associate Pastor, Catch of the Day DC Church. He is the eighth child of the late Margaret and Charles E. Boone, Sr. He was born and raised in Washington, DC. After departing from High School early, he was hired by Miller & Long Construction Company, where he became a journeyman carpenter. While at work, Melvin was invited by James Robinson to attend Revival Temple Church. While at church he became a born again Christian under the preaching of the late Bishop Milton L. Carter.

Melvin became a faithful and dependable member and was asked to drive the church van to transport members and visitors. He did so cheerfully and went on to become the lead driver. Melvin’s reputation and boldness in the faith was recognized by the membership and Bishop Carter. He was appointed and ordained a deacon.

He began working very diligently assisting the Bishop Milton. L. Carter in caring for the congregation. He taught New Life Class and New Member Orientation. Melvin visited the sick in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes, where he served communion and enjoyed fellowship. He later rose to the office of Chairman of the Deacon Board, where he trained and directed the activities of the deaconate. Boone was appointed to the official board of directors, where he was jointly responsible for making decisions that directly impacted the quality of life for the church and community. He was instrumental in the construction of Revival Temple’s Family Life Center, where he served as the onsite foreman.

Melvin made a major decision to return to High School later in life. He enrolled in Ballou Stay High School, where he earned his high school diploma. In 2001, he was called to preach the gospel. Boone preached his trial sermon and was licensed as a minister of the gospel in 2005. He served faithful as a minister and was ordained an elder by Revival Temple Senior Pastor Milton Kennard Carter. Melvin affiliated with Catch of the Day Worldwide Evangelistic Ministries and was appointed co-director of Piranha Prayer Partners, where he collaborated,  planned, coordinated and interceded for the work of the ministry.

While at Revival Temple Church, he met his soul mate Lynn Gibson and they were married November 1987. Melvin has two adult sons and daughters-in-law, Melvin, Jr. (Gloria) and Joseph (Nichelle). He is the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. When he is not engaged with ministry, Melvin enjoys fishing and cooking.

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