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Welcome to Catch of the Day DC Church. We are fully operational LIVE IN PERSON, FACEBOOK LIVE AND CYBERSPACE. Liftoff into Cyberspace or Facebook Live or Live in Person at 2730 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE, Washington, DC. Every Sunday at 11:15 am. Doors open at 11:00 am.

Introduction to Catch of the Day DC Church
Learn our vision, mission and purpose for serving you, families and the community. Experience the future with us in a hybrid church. Learn the difference between a churchgoer and servicing member. This class is offered to all guests, visitors and seekers of truth. After you complete this course, you will earn a beautiful embossed gold sealed certificate. There is no obligation to join. Enroll at

Introduction to Discipleship 101
Find out what it really means to be born again. Know what it means to be saved and the benefits of establishing a personal relationship with Jesus. Learn how not to become a bench warming, bored church goer. Master how to share your personal testimony and Christian faith. Discover various fishing tactics and strategies to catch and save people. Become a effective fisher of individuals, families and communities. After you complete this course, you will earn a certificate of discipleship. Enroll at

Join our Church Family – Become a Certified Member
With your Introduction of Catch of the Day DC and and Discipleship 101 certificates, you may choose to officially join our church as a certified member. Certified members are officially inducted into the church, given a certificate of membership, a signed commemorative bible and earn the right to participate in establishing church the future of programs, services and ministries. The most important responsibility of a certified member is to examine, discuss and vote on the annual strategic plan and budget. The strategic plan and budget establishes the direction and priorities of the church. Enroll at

School of Evangelism and Global Missions
Learn how to preach, proclaim, publish and present the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally; Learn fundamental principles of how to present the gospel; go fishing for men; follow up with caught fish; clean fish; integrate fish into new fishbowl; love and take care of newly caught fish; raise fish to grow strong and become reproducing fish; Lastly, enter our evangelist of the year contest. Enroll at

Intro to Ambassador for Christ Academy
An Ambassador for Christ is a person who is born again and represents the will, laws and interests of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. This is the highest ranking diplomatic position, requiring every Ambassador for Christ to engage, witness, testify and share their faith. Enroll at

Learn How to Pray
Piranha prayer is an online prayer gathering open to the public. We fervently and ferociously pray for one another, local, state and national leaders; family, friends, coworkers and community. Lean more


MEETING ID: 879 5408 6586
TELEPHONE: 301-715-8592
PASSCODE: 269656

New Year’s Eve Party
We will celebrate our victories while acknowledging that our best year is ahead. We will enjoy music, crowd breakers; mocktails, party favors, a countdown clock, raffles, give-away prizes and a toast.

Financial Literacy and Legacy Planning
Learn how to manage your household budget using a smartphone; prepare for household variable expenses and emergencies that can ruin a budget and keep you in debt; learn a proven method to eliminate credit card debt and loans that enslave; learn how to fund your dreams, ambitions and goals, ie, a new home, wedding and a new baby; determine the right amount of insurance to protect your family and assets; learn how to retire using the three wheels method; lastly, lean how to set up a will, estate and trust fund.

Easter Sunday Seafood Brunch
(APRIL 17, 2022 @ 11 AM – 2 PM)

We invite you and your family to join us for our very popular Easter Sunday Seafood Brunch, where we feast on a seafood and soul food. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. We will continue our tradition of eating a scrumptious seafood brunch while celebrating Resurrection Sunday.


Our mission is to network and bond with men; transition teenage boys in rites of passage; ensure every man experiences a more abundant life by sharing basic and advanced life skills training; share fundamental principles of brotherhood, manhood and fatherhood; mentor young adult men 18-34 to become superior community leaders; lastly, uplift, edify, build, construct, motivate, encourage, empower, repair, restore and support men of all ages.

FIT FOR THE KINGDOM – Nutrition, Fitness & Health Ministry (DECEMBER 4, 2021)
You cannot enjoy abundant life if your body is not healthy and well. Catch of the Day DC will connect people to nutrition, fitness and healthcare professionals, who will show them how to maintain a nutrient rich, physically fit and substance free healthy lifestyle. The goal is to protect and prolong physical health.

CLUB COD – Young Adult Ministry Launch (JANUARY 22, 2022)
Comprehensive programs and services for young adults (single and married). We are waiting for young adults to plan and implement this ministry. We won’t set this up without input from those who will benefit the most from it.

NEXOGEN – Youth Ministry Launch (MARCH 31, 2022)
We will provide comprehensive educational programs and services for children and youth. We will teach them how to live for God, pursue an abundant life and have a lot of fun

CHARISMA – Women’s Ministry (2023)
We will provide comprehensive educational programs for women only. Women will talk about feminine topics that pertain to womanhood, sisterhood, motherhood and femininity.

WE ARE ONE – Marriage Ministry (2024)
Marriage counseling, classes, workshops, seminars and retreats to help married couples understand boundaries, love and respect one another, adjust to extended family members, maintain a romantic focus, learn how to really listen with the heart.

WISE OWLS- Seniors Ministry (2025)
Comprehensive programs and services for seniors 55 and above to help them take advantage of existing government programs planned and designed for seniors. Seniors will talk about topics that directly impact their lives and learn how to solve issues that adversely impact them. They will plan and enjoy social activities.

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