New Life Strategies

🌐  hook up with the Lord Jesus Christ

🌐  begin a relationship with the Heavenly Father

🌐  hear life changing messages and stories

🌐  learn how to understand the Word of God

🌐  become a disciple, aka follower of Christ 

🌐  learn how to pray and get answers

🌐  understand God’s Will for your life

🌐  find employment and live independent

🌐  manage a household budget

🌐  break free from creditors and debt

🌐  overcome destructive behavior

🌐  move past failures and mistakes

🌐  cope with daily stress and losses

🌐  catch and help others

Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Hook Up?
What Ministries Do You Offer?
Where is the Church Located?
What is the Nearest Metro Station?
How Do I Get There By Automobile?
Where Can I Park?