How to Establish a Prayer Closet

But when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut thy door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your
Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:6)

Locate a room in your home where you will spend private time with the Heavenly Father. The room should have a door that you can close or simply choose any place where you will not be disturbed.

Inform your spouse and children that during your prayer time, you do not want to be interrupted, unless an emergency. Let them know what time you will begin and end.

Purchase a bound journal or spiral memo pad and a good writing ink pen. Bring your Holy Bible and a dictionary. Now use the following as a guideline for spending quality time alone with God.

1. STILL – Start your conversation with God early morning, while it is quiet. Be still and center your mind on him. Invoke his presence by saying:

2. CONFESS – Ask the Heavenly Father to show you anything in your heart, mind and soul that is displeasing to him. Talk to him about your temptations, proclivities and lusts. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and to deliver you from evil.

3. THANKS – Give thanks to the LORD. Thank him for saving you, keeping you, hearing you, answering you and taking care of you. Thank him for life, health, strength, shelter, food, clothing. Give thanks for everything.

4. SING – Sing a song of praise to God  in anticipation of his blessings. Sing to him about his goodness and what he has done for you. Sing because you are happy. Sing when you are sad. Sing, sing, sing until God inhabit your praises. Sing about victory!

5. PRAISE – Praise him for his creation, power, excellent greatness and mighty acts. Tell him how great, magnificent, wonderful and awesome he has been and still is today. Worship him with a gospel song. Tell him how much you adore, admire and love him!

6. PETITION – Ask the Heavenly Father for what you need, want or  desire. Let him know about your cares, concerns and worries. Be candid, truthful and honest. Be very specific in expressing yourself. Ask God for help, instructions and directions.

7. JOURNAL – Read your bible and write down your thoughts, instructions and directions. Meditate, contemplate and write what you hear the Spirit saying. Memorize verses that minister  and speak to you. Ask God for clarity on  anything you don’t understand. 

8. INTERCEDE – Pray for other people, immediate family, other family members, neighbors, co-workers, associates, classmates, strangers. Pray for local and world leaders, clergy, church officers and members. Pray for your adversaries, enemies and abusers.

9. LISTEN – Be quiet, still and calm. Wait on the Lord to speak to you, show you his will and reveal answers
to the petitions you made. Write down what he says. Know that God will communicate with his own children.

10. MEDITATE – Focus your mind on the Word of God with full faith and assurance. Believe his written and spoken word to you. Expect him to talk to you. Wait on his directions and instructions. Thank him for talking, communicating and revealing himself. 

11. DECREE – Decree, declare and deem God able to perform his word. Speak, say and recite his Word to him. Expect the Heavenly Father to hear and answer you. Remind him what his word says. Pray with authority, assurance and confidence. Believe the Word of God.

12. OBEY – Get up and obey the word of God. Be a doer of what you read and heard the Spirit speak. Execute the Will of God in your life. Determine to follow His instructions and apply his Word to everything in your life.