Staff Team Members I


  1. The Nominating Team

The Pastor and Deacon Fellowship shall recommend a Nominating Team to the church and must be elected by a two-thirds (2/3) vote. The Nominating Team shall consist of not less than 4 members with no more than one active deacon.


  • All existing or new teams and Church officers shall be nominated by the Nominating Team and elected by the church to serve a period of one year. The Nominating Team shall specify the number of members for each team.
  • Teams are responsible for electing their officers and establishing operating guidelines. All teams shall be responsible to the church. All teams shall be accountable, when requested, at the monthly conference.
  • The Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all teams


  1. The Stewardship Team shall prepare and submit an annual budget to the church for adoption. They shall maintain close supervision over expenditures to see that the budget is followed and make recommendations for additional appropriations if and when necessary. The team, in consultation with the pastor, shall approve payment for bills of a reasonable amount not authorized in the budget. This team is responsible for setting up any designated accounts.


  1.  The Property and Ground Team

The Property and Grounds Team shall be responsible for all properties belonging to the church and shall care for their proper maintenance and upkeep. This team shall include at least one member of the custodial personnel.


They shall supervise the purchase of all supplies and materials necessary for proper heating, air-conditioning, cleaning, and appearance of the building and grounds. The Team shall maintain a regular inspection schedule of all church properties; supervise or delegate supervision of maintenanceand building repairs. This team shall supervise the custodial personnel.


  1.  The Cemetery Team

This team will be responsible for all policies and procedures, and plans of the cemetery. They are responsible for appearance and maintenance of the cemetery.


  1.  The Flower Team

To see that flowers are sent at the time of a church member’s death or a church member’s immediate family (husband, wife, child, mother, father, step-mother or step-father). This team is responsible for maintaining flowers in the church.


  1.  The Hostess Team

Their duty shall be to work with the Pastor and/or other committees to see that someone is responsible for the social functions (revival, homecoming, fellowships, etc.) of the church. This committee shall be responsible for any church wide fellowships, and shall assist the pastor with any functions he may plan, such as the Pastor’s Conference, etc. They shall enlist members to assist in the setting up and the cleaning up for these fellowships.


  1.  The Publicity Team

Their duty shall be to work with the Pastor in the planning and preparation of suitable publicity for the church. They are responsible to give publicity to every cause in the total Church program. This team is responsible for the marquee, website, outreach materials, and any other type of advertising for the church.