Officers Duties

Shall appoint the Director and Assistant Director of Evangelism. Monitor the actions of the evangelism ministry. Ensure chapter is functioning and growing. Receive the report of the chapter from the director of evangelism. Represent their chapter as a voting delegate at the biennial convention. Perform all the duties pertaining to the office and such as are specified in the bylaws. Have the church administrator schedule six week nights and weekends for two hours for the school of evangelism. Approve an annual evangelism budget. Actively announce and have distributed promotional material to the entire church or other pastors. Appoint or recruit church members and other churches to participate the school of evangelism.

Director of Evangelism
Direct the activities of evangelism. Establish such committees as shall be necessary’ for the execution of the work of evangelism. Develop and present an annual budget to the pastor or chapter organization head. Attend State Chapter meetings. Enroll in a School of Evangelism and become a certified trainer. Preside at all meetings of the school of evangelism. Distribute and check homework lessons. Encourage each student to complete their homework on time. Keep the pastor informed on the progress of the class. Ensure that the church host an awards ceremony to issue certificates and Christian fish medallions to students. Submit an annual chapter activities report to the pastor, congregation and Catch of the Day chief executive officer sixty (60) days before a biennial convention. Represent their church as a voting delegate at the biennial convention. Perform all the duties pertaining to the office as are specified in the bylaws.

Assistant Director of Evangelism
Act as an executive aide to the Director of Evangelism. Perform the duties of the Director of Evangelism in their absence. Serve as alternate for the Director at the biennial conventions. Enroll in a School of Evangelism and become a certified trainer. Attend state chapter meetings.

Director of Membership
Maintain membership list. Jointly certify membership totals and delegates for conventions with Secretary-Treasurer. Recruit Catch of the Say memberships within the church or organization. Distribute promotional publications.

Keep a record of all meetings of the local chapter. Receive and forward correspondence as necessary to headquarters. Respond to written correspondence and request. Collect, receive and remit membership dues to General Secretary-Treasurer in a timely manner. Deposit all funds of the chapter in an approved bank account. Keep records of all financial transactions and statements of the chapter. Co-sign checks with the director of evangelism to pay for expenses of the chapter.  Present the chapter records of accounts for an review by the Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer or an independent certified public accountant.

Evangelizer Duties
Responsible for conducting fishing expeditions
Introduce the church and pastor to the community. Personally invite prospects to attend upcoming church service. Administer the One Minute Religious Survey. Present the Gospel. Pursue a commitment to Christ. Use word of  God to affirm new converts. Transition newborns to “New Life” classes.

Discipler Duties
Responsible for spiritual feeding and developing new converts
Teach newborns how to talk to the Heavenly Father. Show toddlers how to feed themselves spiritually. Teach young Christians how to combat common temptations. Encourage young Christians to attend and complete “New Life” classes. Check-up, monitor and evaluate new converts progress. Stay connected, communicate God’s word and spiritually care for newborns. Use the Holy Scriptures to reinforce the assurance of salvation. Answer new converts frequently asked questions (FAQs). Provide routine biblical feedings and prayer. Transition newborns into the phases of Christian growth.

Piranha Prayer Partner Duties
Responsible for intercessory prayer for evangelism ministry
Pray for evangelizers and disciplers. Pray for the souls of men, women, boys and girls. Pray for new converts and their spiritual growth. Pray for more fishers of men to catch the souls of men. Pray for the pastor, ministers and the entire body of Christ.