Chapter Support Staff

Evangelizers Duties

Responsible for conducting fishing expeditions

1. Introduce the church and pastor to the community.

2. Personally invite prospects to attend upcoming church service.

3. Administer the One Minute Religious Survey.

4. Present the Gospel.

5. Pursue a commitment to Christ.

6. Use word of  God to affirm new converts.

7. Transition newborns to “New Life” classes.


Disciplers Duties

Responsible for spiritual feeding and developing new converts

1. Stay connected, communicate God’s word and spiritually care for newborns.

2. Help newborn to scripturally understand the assurance of salvation.

3. Answer new converts frequently asked questions (FAQs).

4. Provide routine biblical feedings and prayer formula.

5. Teach newborns how to talk to the Heavenly Father.

6. Show toddlers how to feed themselves spiritually.

7. Teach young Christians how to combat common temptations.

8. Encourage young Christians to attend and complete “New Life” classes.

9. Check-up, monitor and evaluate new converts progress.

10. Escort, tour and transition newborns into the will of God.


Piranha Prayer Partners Duties

Responsible for intercessory prayer and church maturity

1. Pray for evangelizers and disciplers.

2. Pray for the souls of men, women, boys and girls.

3. Pray for new converts and their spiritual growth.

4. Pray for more fishers of men to catch the souls of men.

5. Pray for the pastor, ministers and the entire body of Christ.


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