Jesus said, “The thief comes to STEAL (takeabduct, kidnap) to KILL (murder, butcher, slaughter) and to DESTROY (demolish the body, soul and spirit); But I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

The Apostle Paul said, “We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against unknown and unseen forces, adversaries, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:1-24)

Why are people experiencing so much impatience, anxiety, fear, disrespect, dislike, anger, hatred, domestic violence in households, schools and the community?

Why are so many unresolved generational disputes, beefs and vindictiveness going on among our young adults?

Have we become so unhinged that we rather shoot to kill than talk?

Why does it seem like our prayers for peace are going unanswered?

Why do people use abusive language, physical assaults, murder, domestic violence, destructive behavior to attempt to control others?

Why do people threatens to harm others and brandish weapons?

At what age does a person decides to steal, rob and burglarize others?

Why is physical force used to rob people, burglarize homes and cars?

Where does the desire to rape women, sisters, daughters, cousins and mothers originate?

Why are so many young people confused about their identity?

Why are people brutalizing children and relatives with sexual assaults?

Why are people watching, pornographic websites, videos and photography?

Why is so much sexuality being displayed on prime time television programming and cable tv?

Why is so much expletives used so much in gaming, videos, television, movies, magazines, music?

Why is so many violence and sexual explicit videos being displayed on gaming stations?

Why do people allow violently high definition 3D gaming videos?


Do we not see the desensitizing of the soul and spirit of the individual?

Do we not see the constant learning and practicing of how to kill individuals and mass shootings?

When will our youth stop living in fear of their lives?

When will millennials stop predicting their own death?

Can we catch our youth, save them from destructive thinking and behavior?

Can we point them in the right direction?

The answer lies within the Word of God. It is very simple. Read and obey the Word of God and all crime goes away. For an example, take a look at the ten commandments.

Ten video games to avoid

Brothers and sisters, we have entered anarchy.

Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non recognition of authority. It is lawlessness, discord, chaos, mayhem and turmoil. I’ts the I don’t care attitude. My life sucks!

It will take courageous God fearing men and women who are not afraid to go onto every street, knock on every door and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and new birth.

Yes, we can catch, save, help, mentor, tutor, minister, assist and help each resident, family and community.

With God Nothing shall be impossible.

Every adult male 14 and above must be recruited and trained to:
Come together as a tribe, village and community.
Brainstorm every possible solution to solve problems.
Create and enforce village rules.
Police ourselves, family members and neighbors.
Hold accountable those who are rule breakers.
Sternly warn uncivilized deviants.
Hold up a lantern of standards for all to comply.
We must have written consequences that villages enforce.
Commit to help one another as our godly responsibility.
Remove, counsel and then pray for offenders.
Decided what penance offender must do to re-enter.
Dialog, discuss and debate what we don’t want in the community.

Anyone that is constantly angry, negative, talking vengeance and vindictiveness or threatens another person must be immediately exposed and counseled by elder.

Male emotions are real and we help every male to overcome feelings of loneliness, isolation, fatherlessness, ostracization, withdrawal, depression, oppression and unhappiness.

We can not leave any boy, male or man alone or feeling helpless.

We must assure, appease and diffuse volatile conversations and intents.

Anyone showing aggressive behavior to harm a family member, individual or group must be questioned. We must find out what is the source of their frustration, rejection and irritation. We should always seek to diffuse every revealed and perceived conversation. 

We should NEVER egg on, persuade or provoke any male to harm or hurt another male. We must seek peace and pursue it. Our young males must be attended to immediately when they are feeling use, abused or disrespected. These feelings if left unchecked will cause harm to the individual and others. If you live by the sword you will die by the sword.

Young men who are not given the right direction, counsel or instructions are more inclined to  make irrational and life changing decisions. Violence beget violence.  Hurt people hurt people. Kick my dog and I will kick your cat.


Fighting, killing and shooting people when psychologically, emotionally or mentally unstable ruins lives.

REEL MEN must be honest about what is bothering them. We got to learn how to share our feelings and find better solutions and choices to keep ourselves from evil, sini and crime. Every male must find a community of men that will listen and give sound advice, wisdom and strategies for successful living. Together we must get help for ourselves and other men that we know need help. We must identity, help or get help for other males that need it.

We must help other mailes cope with their anger, fear, anxiety and violent feelings.

We must not allow a perturbed man to become disturbed. 

After we have talk, counsel and given strategies for peaceful solutions, we should ask the aggreive to take an oath not to do harm, vengeance or become vindictive.

If we know that the person has determine to act irrational, deviant or become a perpetrator, then we must act to save the person and the object of their vindictiveness. We must inform, the larger mail population and law enforcement once the person is determined to do harm.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. By every means necessary, must we catch and save boys, males, brother, men and friends.

We can and must stop violence before it is ever enacted. 

Even if we must move the individual from their home, neighborhood, community and city for a them to change environment and diffuse mentally and emotionally.

 We must commit to expose, identify, report any illegal activity known by family members, friends, neighbors and anybody else they will bring harm to another person, group or community.



We can no longer afford to blink, wink, mentally hide out, entertain, house and hide destructive behavior that is destroying our youth, families, homes and young men.

Each brother MUST catch a NET of brothers.

“Behold now is the time and today is the day of salvation. It time to turnaround, change, repent and go hard after God.


We must stand against wrong thinking, wrong doers and evil thoughts. We don’t have time to live in fear and allow so many people to be hurt. Men must pray, watch and protect the village.

We must be accountable to the Heavenly Father and to one another.

Are you ready to come together and solve problems?