Staff Team Members II

  1. Church Council

The primary functions of the Church Council shall be recommended to the congregation suggested Church goals and objectives; review and coordinate program plans recommended by the Church staff, Church officers, organizations, and teams; approve the Church calendar; evaluate programs achievements in terms of Church goals and objectives; communicate the above to the membership; evaluate the Operations Manual, and make certain that the Constitution and Bylaws are followed.

The Church Council will meet regularly.The following shall be members of the Church Council: The pastor or designated other Church staff member, Chairman of the Deacon Fellowship, Sunday School Director, Stewardship Team Leader, Men’s Ministry, WMU Director Youth Director and Choir Director. Other members may be added by election of the Church Council. Any Team Leader may attend a church Council meeting at any time. The pastor or his designated representative will serve as the Chairman of the Church Council.


  1. Ushers

The duties of the Ushers shall be to warmly greet worshipers, receive and secure the offerings, and to be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the Pastor. The Nominating Team, as well as a Head Usher who is to lead the Ushers shall choose the Ushers. The number shall be set at whatever is appropriate for the needs of our church. 


  1. Sunday School Director

The Sunday School director should lead the organization of the Sunday School program as the Bible-teaching ministry and evangelistic outreach of the church. He or she should counselthe Nominating team on securing Sunday School teachers and leaders to be elected by the church. The director is to see that literature and teaching aids are ordered for each class. The promotion of Sunday School should be a priority of the School Director. He or she should lead training for School Sunday teachers through the church, the association or state convention. The director with the assistance of the Pastor will facilitatebackground checks on the appropriate teachers.


  1. Sunday School Teacher

The church should elect Sunday School teachers for all appropriate ages. They should commit to study, remain faithful to their class in attendance, and encourageoutreach for their class. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure a teacher is secured for their class in their absence. All teachers leading classes teenagers and under should under go a background check. 


  1. Children’s Workers

Background checks will be done on everyone working with Sharon Baptist Church children from birth through high school. Persons working with Sharon Baptist Church children must be involved at Sharon Baptist Church for a minimum of 6 months before working with children. Youth working with children will have a background check upon their 18th birthday. New staff members and their immediate family are exempt from this 6 month period, but must have background Committee approval.


Absence from the church for at least 6 months will require a new background check if a request is made to the Background Committee by any church employee or church member.


Background checks are to be destroyed by the committee every 3 years, and a new one will be completed for every children’s worker.