Technology Training for Evangelism


  •  Domain Name Acquisition and Web Site Development Training

  •  YouTube Video Channel Set Up and Administration

  •  Facebook Development and Page Management

  •  Twitter Development and Evangelism Communications

  •  Google Church Administration Tools and Strategies

  •  Wordpress Blog Development and Administration

  •  Online Meeting Screen Sharing and Conference Call Management

  •  Satellite Summits, Conferences and Conventions

  •  Web Video Conferencing, Training and Discipleship

  •  Computer, Tablet and Smartphone Evangelism Tools and Tactics

  •  Constant Contact Permission Based Email

  •  Member Surveys, Questionnaires and Polls

  •  Mass Mailings, Direct Marketing and Advertising

  •  Cable Television, Radio and Electronic Distribution

  •  Broadcast and Podcast Publishing

  •  Print Communications and Digital Book Publishing

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