Why Start a Chapter?
Catch of the Day offers a unique, comprehensive and proven school of evangelism program. We provide strategic, practical and tactical evangelistic training to everyone responsible for preaching, teaching or sharing the gospel. The course is taught using principles of fishing and has been well received by churches.


Specialized Training
Students acquire evangelistic skills through classroom lectures, demonstrations, role-play, and on-the-job personal evangelistic training within local communities. During fishing expeditions, students learn firsthand how to effectively share their personal testimonies, cast their gospel lines, catch and save people.


Class Duration
Classes are taught for 6-weeks. Exact days and hours are chosen by the host church or organization. Hours generally include 2-hours during the week day and 2-hours on the weekend. However, the program can be tailored to meet the unique needs, time constraints and circumstances of each host church or organization.


Certification and Awards Ceremony
Students that complete the rigorous training are awarded a beautifully embossed certificate of completion upon fulfilling all course requirements. Upon the conclusion of the course an official awards ceremony is convened and students are presented with an official Catch of the Day “Christian Fish Medallion” that is inscribed with their level of academic achievement. Please complete the form below:

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