Pastor Responsibilities 2


  1. He is the spiritual leader and under-shepherd of the congregation.
  2. Provides administrative leadership for the total church program
  3. Serves as chairman of the Church Leadership Council or delegates to other staff members from time to time.
  4. Proclaims the gospel and leads the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and the community.
  5. Leads the deacons, staff, and the church in a caring ministry for the persons in the church and community.
  6. Joins with the deacons in providing spiritual leadership to the congregation.
  7. Leads or delegates the leadership of the congregational services: plans, coordinates, and evaluates congregational services.
  8. Leadall worship services, or arrange for someone else to perform this function.
  9. Recommend and advise on the selection of all staff members and in determining their duties.
  10. Give supervision to other members of the church staff.
  11. Plan and provide leadership in the observance of the church ordinances.
  12. Conduct funeral services and wedding ceremonies, as he is able, and sharing or delegating to others on the staff responsibilities in this area.
  13. Serve as an advisor to the church committees in performing their assignments.
  14. Counsel with and assist in the training of deacons for their responsibilities.
  15. Serve as a moderator of the church.
  16. Visit the sick, homebound, and hospitalized.