Mentor or Sponsor a Young Adult

Our Youth, Young Adults and Returning Citizens Need You

Are you an officer in a corporations, business owner, banker, civic leader and have expertise in the above mentioned occupations? If yes, please consider becoming a mentor or sponsor to a youth, young adult or returning citizen. They really need the power of you influence, time and encouragement. If you willing to adopt and adapt to one person, you literally can help change a person for the better.

You set your own hours and time spent to expose the person to your lifestyle, occupation, skill sets and circiles of influence. With your presence, patience and understanding, they can learn to become better citizen of Southeast, the District of Columbia, the United States and the World.

Share your blessings. Give our youth, young adults and returning citizens a chance.

Hold their hand and walk them through your daily tasks, routines and responsibilities, which will inspire them to reboot life, build self-esteem and start achieving the impossible.

If you desire to minister, help and assist a youth, young adult or returning citizen, than complete the form below to get started today!

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