Church Meetings


  1. Worship Services

The Church shall meet regularly each Sunday morning, Sunday Evening, and Wednesday evening for preaching, instruction, evangelism, and for the worship of Almighty God. Any other church meetings, which will be essential in the promotion of the objectives of the Church, shall be placed on the Church calendar. These meetings will be open for the entire membership of the Church and for all people and shall be conducted under the direction of the pastor.


  1. Regular Business Meetings

Regular business meetings shall be conducted once each month.


  1. Special Business Meetings

A business meeting other than those regularly scheduled may be called to consider matters of significant nature. The Church Council or pastor will determine when such meetings are justified and when they will be held. A two-week notice of the subject, date, time and location must be given for the specially called business meeting unless extreme urgency renders such notice impracticable.


  1. Quorum

The quorum consists of those who attended the business meeting, provided it is a stated meeting or one that has been properly called.The only exceptions would be in the event:

  1. Action was being proposed to declare the office of pastor vacant as provided in Article 2, Section l; or,
  2. Proposed non-budgeted expenditures and budget modifications greater than $2,000.00 are to be considered. In this case, a quorum shall be not less than ten percent (10%) of the total membership eligible for voting as provided in Article 1, Section IV.
  1. Parliamentary Rules

Roberts’ Rules of Order, Revised, isthe authority for parliamentary rules of procedure for all business meetings of the Church. The Moderator shall select a Parliamentarian.


  1. Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Church shall begin on January 1 and end December 31 of the same calendar year.