Call for Duty Men’s Conference & Survey

Catch of the Day DC Call for Duty Men’s Conference for males 15 and up. This Men’s Conference will take place August 30-31 at THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE, Washington, DC. This is a clarion call for all boys to men who care about themselves, brotherhood,  fatherhood, sonship and the well being of the community-at-large.

Friday, August 30 @ 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
PreConference dinner served
Saturday, August 31 @ 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Continental breakfast and lunch served

Register and show up to learn how to solve problems related to men. Only when we become honest, transparent and humble our souls will we experience the love of God and brotherhood. Let’s come together to  propel ourselves to a place of power, prestige and greatness. We are more than conquerors! 


Men share common traits, strengths and weakness. We have the  power to affirm, heal and help each other advance. If we pivot towards honesty, truthfulness and transparency, then we will solve our internal problems and become the community of men God envision and ordain. We need to network and support each other. One for all and all for one!

The Call for Duty Men’s Conference will teach you how to combat, fight and mortally wound your enemies, known and unknown, that threaten your right to life, family values and morals, household leadership, debt free living, financial freedom, prosperity, sonship, brotherhood, fatherhood, a happy marriage or relationship with an female, living wage employment, home ownership and your ability to leave a proud legacy in your name. The Fellowship of the Ring is critical, vital and real. This is your official call for duty!


PRE-CONFERENCE SURVEY: Brothers, fathers, sons and young men 15-17 years old, I really need your help. I have a plethora of ideas to include in the upcoming Call for Duty Men’s Conference. But what I think does not matter if I omit your ideas, insights, opinions and intellectual thoughts on what should be included. Please take a few minutes to complete our pre-conference survey. Your input will ensure we cover the topics that are important to you.  

RECRUITMENT CHALLENGE: I challenge you to recruit, register and bring four (4) males ages 15 and up to this very important conference with you. You have the power, influence and opportunity to help a father, brother, son, uncle, cousin, classmate, associate, co-worker, neighbor and friend. Ask your circle of males to register and come with you. 

Scan the QR code below or tap the link to take our Pre-Conference Survey. Your input will help us choose the right presenters and speakers.