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Men are in a epic battle for their soul. Too many men have neglected their duty to sons, boys, young men, women, family and the community. This derelict of duties and responsibilities has harmed a generation of children and especially young Generation X and Millennial Men. They are in the fight of their life! Many are angry, hurt and spiritually lonely. They have been abandon by their dads and are feeling the pains of neglect. The Author, Abolitionist and Washington, DC Ward 8 former resident Frederick Douglass said, “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” We need to confess and own our neglect!

Too many of our sons, boys, brothers and young adult males feel left-out, abandoned, discouraged, disparaged, defensive less, lonely and neglected by their fathers, community and society. They have not been trained by their dads in godliness, morality, values and responsibility to self, family, children, women and the community.

Many of our young adult males have mentally and morally disassociate and disconnect from reality. They feel disenfranchised and disadvantaged because of the absence of basic training by their fathers and the village male elders.

Our sons, boys and young men need love, care, and basic training from skilled successful men. They a need a functioning brotherhood of older men to engage them in conversation, lock arms and support them. They long for the bond of self sustainability, security, power and prosperity.

Our elder men, mature men, skillful men and successful men owe our sons, boys and young men basic training in life skills. It is the DUTY OF OLDER MEN, GRAND FATHERS, FATHERS AND BROTHERS to take responsibility for loving, training, leading, inspiring, guiding, supporting, mentoring and coaching our son, boys and young adult males.

Therefore, I am calling all men to report for duty and make the necessary sacrifices to help our community of sons, boys, young men and a few older men to transition to responsible and accountable maturity. It’s not too late to catch, save and empower men. Together, we should invest time, skills, talents, resources and money to build a community of successful men.

Call for Duty Men’s Conference meets on the third Saturday of the month from 10 am to 12 noon. We organize tactics, strategies and programs that will benefit our sons, boys, young men and every member. We will brainstorm ideas, discuss needs and devise plans that benefits all men.

If you want to help organize or join Call for Duty Men’s Conference, text CallforDuty to 301-810-3012. To join our Facebook Group, tap CallforDuty. Membership is free and open to men 18 and up. Call for Duty Men’s Conference will establish a pilot program “YOUNG CADET TRAINING ACADEMY” to train and transition elementary, middle and high school boys into progressive productive citizens.

I look forward to welcoming you very soon. PERSONAL NOTE: if you are a man and you need either prayer or counseling, text Rev. Cornel Dunmore 301-801-3603 or inbox me on Facebook @CornelDunmore or email your needs or concerns to

Call for Duty Men's Conference