How Can I Become a Member?

Catch of the Day DC Church was establish to catch people where they live and explain to them what it means to be born again. We seek to connect every individual to the Lord Jesus Christ; and to bring them into a right, healthy and lasting relationship with the Heavenly Father.

We believe everybody should experience what it’s really like to be born again, forgiven, transformed and living an abundant life that was promised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Catch of the Day DC Church will reveal biblical knowledge that will enable each member to take charge of their life and live the way the Heavenly Father intended. We will demonstrate, model and show members and visitors how to transition from the old life prior to being born again to a brand new and abundant life!

We are intentionally creating a lingering, loving and caring (LLC) environment, where every individual can experience the love of God through another human being. We intend to demonstrate, show and prove our newfound love for one another.

So, if you want to experience God and his love through real, practicing, disciples, then we invite you to come aboard. We‘ve been thinking about, praying and preparing to meet you. You will feel welcome, hooked on love and quite at home as soon as you walk through the door.

Tap ALL ABOARD to become a member. Tap WE PROMISE to learn our pledge to you.