How to Establish a Prayer Closet

But when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut thy door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your
Father which sees in secret shall reward
you openly.” (Matthew 6:6)

Locate a room in your home where you will spend private time with the Heavenly Father. The room should have a door that you can close or simply choose any place where you will not be disturbed.

Inform your spouse and children that during your prayer time, you do not want to be interrupted, unless an emergency. Let them know what time you will begin and end.

Purchase a bound journal or spiral memo pad and a good writing ink pen. Bring your Holy Bible and a dictionary. Now use the following as a guideline for spending quality time alone with God.

1. STILLStart your conversation with God early morning, while it is quiet and peaceful. Be still before him and center your mind on him. Meditate on his goodness, mercy and love towards you.  

2. PRAISE – Invoke his presence by calling him Father. Recognize that the Heavenly Father is holy and hallow his name. Open your mouth and tell God how much you appreciate his love, mercy and goodness. Praise and worship him with your heart. Praise him for what he has done in your life, is doing and will do for you.

3. CONFESSION – Ask the Heavenly Father to show you anything in your life which might be displeasing to him. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and to help you to forgive those who have offended, angered, wronged or sinned against you. 

4. JOURNAL – Read your bible and write down the thoughts God will speak to your mind and heart. Memorize key verses that speak to you. Ask the the Heavenly Father for clarity on anything you don’t understand.

5. PETITION – Ask the Heavenly Father for the desires of your heart. Let him know what’s on your mind. Be intimate, honest and specific in expressing yourself. Tell him exactly how you feel. Ask the Lord to lead and guide you into all truth. Ask him to reveal his will for you.

6. INTERCESSION – Pray for someone other than yourself.
Pray specifically for requests that have been asked of you by others. Pray for your family, neighbors, co-workers, associates, local and world leaders. Pray for your pastor, ministers, officers, church members and their families. Pray for your enemies and abusers.

7. DECREE – Expect the Heavenly Father to hear and help you. Therefore, come boldly and confidently to the throne of grace, so you may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Decree and declare in the Spirit what the word of God says. Speak with authority and complete confidence what the Lord Jesus Christ promised.  Speak his Word to your problems, circumstances and situations. Speak his Word by faith, because of your faith and in faith. Agree with the Word of God. Believe God. Expect God to answer your prayers. Memorize I John 5:14-15. 

8. THANKSGIVING – Be grateful in advance and anticipation. Thank God for hearing you. Thank him for the things he has done for you. Thank him for the little and big things in your life. Thank him for everything including the not so good. Thank him for prayers answered and unanswered. Thank him for saving and delivering your from sin. Thank him for what he is about to do in your life and others.

9. SING – Sing a praise song to him. Adore, praise and worship the Lord with gladness. Let the Holy Spirit reveal himself through the songs you sing unto the Heavenly Father. Praise God for who he is and not for what he has done. He is worthy to be praised.  

10. WAIT – Be quiet and still. Wait on the Lord to speak, reveal or show you his will, ways and desires. Write down what he says. These will become your instructions and directions for life.  

11. REFLECT – Get up in full assurance of faith and confidence that God has heard your prayers. Listen to God as he speaks to you throughout the day. Praise Him for the impressions that He has given you. Thank Him for taking the time to speak directly to you. 

12. OBEY – Be obedient to the Word of God. Execute his Will for your life. Do what you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to your spirit. Determine to follow his instructions, apply his Word, and share it with others.