Fishers of Men

Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. (Matthew 4:19)

Are you fishing?

Vision and Mission

Catch of the Day Worldwide Evangelistic Ministries, aka, Catch of the Day and COD is on assignment to go into every community to reach every human being; preach the gospel; teach the word of God and make disciples. We seek to affiliate and partner with like minded individuals, churches and ministries.

  • Ignite the Spirit of Evangelism.
  • Train and Reproduce Skilled Evangelists.
  • Charter and Train Chapters.

  • Demonstrate Soul Winning Practices.
  • Conduct Fishing Expeditions.
  • Establish New Life Classes.
  • Ordain and Commission Evangelists.
  • Promote Church Planting, Growth and Expansion.
  • Publish the Gospel Using Modern Technology.

  • Convene Biennial Evangelism Conventions.