Hooked on Life!

The Heavenly Father established the first family.

“Let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

Welcome to Catch of the Day DC, a brand new, all inclusive, innovative and progressive church. While we are excited and delighted to serve the residents in Congress Heights, Douglass and Shipley Terrace, our doors are open to everybody.

The ministries of Catch of the DC are being intentionally designed to service a variety of unique needs. We will assess and meet the holistic needs of children, youth, young and senior adults. We will provide genuine love, care, knowledge, wisdom and usable skills that uplifts every individual and family member.

Through our discipleship training institute, piranha prayer, school of evangelism, one-on-one counseling, small group discussions, biblical illumination, collaborative conversations, workshops, seminars, teaching, preaching, spoken and prophetic words, everybody will learn how to establish a meaningful relationship with the Heavenly Father and experience abundant life!

Family Photo 2

Piranha Prayer changes people.

You really can learn what the “Will” of the Heavenly Father is for your life and implement change that will cause you to experience abundant life! Come to Catch of the Day DC Church and get your sins forgiven, your guilt erased and your conscience cleaned. The Heavenly Father promised to give you a new life and a clean slate.

Meet us at Church this Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.
2730 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.,  SE
Washington, DC

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